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How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

woman receiving a reiki treatment
how does spiritual healing work

Which one describes your experience the best:

  1. You’ve done healing work in the past before. Maybe it was energy healing, yoga, breathwork, meditation, etc.;

  2. You’ve read self-help books but have never actually worked with a spiritual healer or advisor and have never done any work for your spiritual growth;

  3. You are new to all of this and have not done the first two and you are curious and doing research on healing modalities.

There is a lot going on with spiritual healing in general. It can be confusing at first because we have these misconceptions about healing and how it should be done. I notice that people tend to compare non-religious spiritual healing to religious ideals and concepts. I’ve also noticed that people hold on to those religious ideals and concepts and if healing doesn’t happen according to this, then something must be wrong.

Another common mistake that people make is expecting a new healing session with a new modality to be like previous healing sessions with different healers. This is an incorrect position to take.

Spiritual healing is by far one of the most underestimated and disrespected areas of concentration. This is because, in the West, the culture is to be rooted in freedom from everything. Anything goes. Also, in the West, they have made it as if it is something optional. Some even say that certain things don’t exist unless you believe. That’s Hollywood thinking.

We now have many people that lack understanding about their bodies and spirits and their relationship to existence and being a part of nature. People don’t think it’s necessary to spend much time healing themselves and transmuting lower emotions and traumas. The average person doesn’t know there are spiritual contracts that are affecting their lives. In these cases, ignorance truly is bliss.

Let’s talk about the healer. The level of effectiveness of any modality is based on the amount of spiritual development the healer has done, years of experience, and most importantly, the terrestrial and celestial lineage of the healer.

Because most people tend to jump around from discipline to discipline, they seldom think about the role that lineage contributes. As a result, a person will have false expectations and a limited understanding of what is taking place during the healing session simply because their ego got in the way and they don’t want to let go of their misconceptions. I can tell you that I have worked with several people that honestly believed they had nothing to heal or transmute regarding their life experiences. What’s interesting is they all say the exact same thing: I feel great. My life is fine. I have no problems in my life. I then tell the person to start journaling. I also tell them to speak to their higher self and ask it to bring everything to the surface that needs to be addressed. After a couple of weeks or so, the floodgates open.

With any spiritual healing, it is good to ask questions and have a conversation with the healer. Learn more about them and their background. Ask them what to expect after the healing session. The way to find a healer is to pray and meditate about it. It is also a good idea to work with one’s ancestors and ask them to guide you to the right person. Trust your gut. Not every healer is for everyone. This is not a bad thing. Some healing styles may be too intense for you. There could be personality differences. It could be anything. The point is to educate yourself as much as you can regarding the process and the person.

Regarding the process of healing itself, it actually happens in layers. It is a journey. Depending on who you talk to and what tradition or style of healing they are initiated into, what to expect and how long it takes will vary. For example, my style of healing will always require more than one session. This is because transmuting emotions and doing conscious reprogramming takes transforming each dimensional body that is holding a set of programs and living entities in multiple dimensional bodies. These dimensional bodies are having their own experience while you are awake or asleep. In addition to this, those dimensional bodies, which are tied to your life experiences, can also be rooted in contracts, one’s personal purgatory, energetic heart signature, river of life, water currents, water bodies, the lower etheric pathways, or more. There can even be fragmentation of the organs such as the heart, disassociation from the body, and more.

It is faulty to have an absolute concept around healing thinking you know all that is involved and every modality that exists or how your body and spirit will respond. The fact is that it responds differently to all modalities.

I encourage you to take on a different mindset about your personal healing journey, how to go about doing it, and what to expect from it. It will be well worth your time.



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