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The Consequences of Raw Sexual Energy

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Explosive, raw, sexual energy is power. It is a power so forceful that it can make even the sanest person do the most unusual things. It is a driving force that has to be reckoned with and if you don’t control it or don’t know exactly what to do with it, it can run you into the ground. Yes, it feels good.

It is tempting and sensuous. Oh, so delightful and sweet for so many, but to some, it is a venomous poison that burns the soul as it can control your very destiny – if you let it. A lot of people take this energy for granted, showing it no respect. Yet this energy, raw sexual energy is used to feed the planet – the economy even. Without it, where exactly would we be? If the focus of humanity is to use sex and material gain as a means to express what we call success, then we have much growing and evolving to do.

As a matter of fact, we are nowhere near where our ancestors were with it. At least they understood its secret power. At least they understood what it was for and how it was to be used properly – well, in my opinion anyway. Your ability to understand this power comes in the steps you take consistently --daily even, to get in touch with yourself and your connection to Life. It is beyond the consistent measures of doing kegels or squeezing a yoni egg to tighten the vagina.

This is elementary. Why do I say this? Because most of you women that have tight vaginas have a bunch of emotional crap that can’t get out of that tight hole! You take in and you don’t let anything out.

You are only concerned with pleasing yourself and your mate. You have no intention of doing anything else unless your mate complains about something you do. Your mate is not Goddess and therefore you will never be able to satisfy them completely and you will never be able to be satisfied completely by them.

Satisfaction, completeness, happiness, and love must be solidified within your heart.

Most of you have lost focus. You have lost the direction and drive to keep yourself balanced. It is time for you to think beyond pleasure. Now I am not saying that you should not enjoy making love or having sex, whichever you prefer, but what I am saying is that 1) your vagina is not something you use as a bargaining tool; 2) it is not something you use to control men; and 3) it is not a tool to use for measurement of self-worth.

When you think this way, you are participating in your own demise. In other words, you are not going forward, you are not growing and nobody will respect you the way you should be respected because you have limited respect for yourself if any.

Before we can do anything for anyone else, we must first understand who we are and what we have. No man can tell you who you are and how you are supposed to be as a woman because they have no point of reference. All they can go by is their mother or other women they have seen and those women lived in a time when women were considered property and second-class citizens with no rights.

From this, we not only witnessed in our youths the circumstances that women had to put up with, but we also now see the effects this has had on our mothers and grandmothers since those times.

Taking the first step to release suppressed and unexpressed emotions from the womb, circulating light energy, directing and transmuting the power from the Earth that comes into the body of women – will help you to reclaim the life that you are supposed to be living. It will help you to redefine the state of humanity and your family.

You will notice a major shift and change in your life with the people you attract and with the people you love. People will respond to you differently. Even your mate will respond to you differently – including in bed!

When you are the queen of your castle (your body) then respect and power are acknowledged, almost unconsciously by the other party because their personal power recognizes your power.




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