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The Unconventional Search for Sacredness

We speak in awe about the greatness of our ancestors and advanced ancient civilizations. We witness these legacies of greatness when we observe architecture, science, mathematics, and astrology for example. We wonder how these legacies were achieved and what methodologies the ancients used to acquire such skill sets.

It’s erroneous to assume the environment in which ancient ancestors developed their minds and bodies was the same environment as ours is now. In these modern times, we are indoctrinated with the beliefs and perceptions given to us by a capitalist ruling party.

Therefore the extent of who we are and what we think we are have their limitations in the foundation of said indoctrination. This means the limitations we experience within our bodies and minds were by design and as a result, our evolution is stagnated.

The ruling parties of ancient times had an extensive foundation of knowledge about the Earth. They had an understanding of the faculties that make up the human body and how to develop it and the mind. They understood how humanity was affected and influenced by nature and as a result, they developed a relationship with Earth and the divine world. They developed relationships to the point where they could be called upon by the Earth or by the divine beings within it to build something as great as a pyramid.

In traditional cultures, how you live your life and your overall lifestyle stems from your cultural beliefs. Cosmogony is the source of one's cultural beliefs which includes spirituality. Because there is still proof of the greatness of the ancestors that we still see today, we know their cosmogony was not a fake one. We have to take into consideration that there were things they interacted with that we presently don't interact with today.

Because we live in a society that mostly focuses on capitalistic culture, we have undeveloped aspects of the human mind, body, and spirit that prohibit us from clearly communicating with the celestial being known as Earth and the divine world.

We don’t know the Earth as we should. We don’t even perceive our existence outside of the physical. We don’t perceive existence as it is because we are entangled in a false paradigm that keeps us continuously distracted and focused on things that have little to no value.

Starting with the body, we should understand that there is a sacredness within it that must be acknowledged. You can't connect to sacredness without acknowledging that it is within you. Acknowledging in this sense goes beyond simply being aware and includes communicating with that sacredness. Here is where you'll find your Source. In developing your body's sacredness, you not only affect change within you but around you as well.

This website will be a resource for you to learn about the sacredness of your body, how to awaken it and strengthen it for the development of good health, mental and spiritual transformation, and longevity. The information will most importantly help you to free up stagnant and negative perceptions that have held you back in life and kept you confused about your existence.

Welcome to Body Sacredness.



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