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Healing the Sacred Feminine Retreat

It is time for you to heal, awaken, and honor the Divine Feminine presence within you.

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Why You Need This Retreat

A constant interruption occurs the minute a baby girl is born. This interruption is the modern world's limited ideals on what and how a girl should be. The pain and confusion of the world are imposed on the young girl so much so that when she matures and turns into a woman, she has already experienced trauma, rejection, harassment, hardship, belittlement, suicide attempts, and other harmful things because she can't live up to what society expects of her.


As we grow into our womanhood we use coping mechanisms to get us through life. We do our best to navigate the pressures of the world while suffering in silence. The things of our past take root within our most magical center:  the womb. The womb is the home base for our self expression, how we see ourselves through the eyes of the world and beyond.


The divine world has placed something powerful within us. It is within the energetic and spiritual anatomy of the womb. It is a force of empowerment, balance, and joy. It holds a current of love that goes beyond what one would feel in their heart chakra.  It is a space where you can truly connect with goddesses, ancestral mothers, and even mother earth. The catch is this:  when you have suppressed and unexpressed emotional trauma or any kind of pain, you can't access this realm without some level of interference.

I invite you to come and experience something new. 

Sacred Feminine Retreat Agenda

Day 1 - Womb Cleansing/Healing Rituals

  • Removing negative energy from past and present mates 

    • sex (including removing negative perceptions of sexually active women, slut shaming, sensual expression, and more) 

    • relationships (spiritual divorces, resetting boundaries, reclaiming our power, defining our requirements for mates, and more)

    • patriarchy (including removing the patriarchal mindset, patriarchal definition of female expression from the womb)

  • Releasing past pain and trauma from the womb

    • menstruation (first blood, PMS, heavy bleeding, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, etc.) 

    • birth (including your own)

    • stillbirths 

    • miscarriage 

    • abortions

Day 2 - Understanding Sacred Feminine Energy

  • What is Sacred Feminine Energy 

  • What it Does 

  • How to Work with It

  • How to Access It

  • 7-step Technique to Access Womb Energy Anatomy

  • 6 Womb Energy Healing Techniques

Location TBA - However, if you would like to see this retreat happen in your city or country, please email

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