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Negative Emotions Are Ruining Your Life

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The body was not meant to hold on to emotions. The act of expressing emotions and reliving experiences interfere with our well-being, perception, and growth. Our bodies and spirits are weighed down by what we suppress and hold on to. The spiritual realms don’t even interact with our emotions.

Unfortunately, because our senses are not fully developed, we are unaware of what, how, and why we’re holding on to emotions.

With constant power flowing into women’s bodies from the Earth, women are sacred, magical beings that have been limited to mostly expressing sexuality in modern times. Your entire body is a garden. Your mind is fertile ground. What you put into it physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually will grow into a lifestyle, a disease, a child, a relationship, or whatever. You owe it to yourself to understand the ways that you are supposed to be interacting with nature and the energy it pours into your body.

Did you know nature can help you transmute negative energy, heavy emotions, and trauma? It’s just a point of understanding how to do it, from which part of the body to do it, and which element of nature you need to work with to resolve the situation.

In order to develop the sanctity of the body, you must adapt a new way of life that secures the transition from bad habits into great ones. See yourself surpassing the last 7 generations of your lineage. Depending on where you are from, your people may have had restrictions on self-expression and power. Those restrictions are influencing you today. We’re all affected by our ancestors through genetics which means what they did and what they experienced in the past is impacting our lives today.

What could you do now that would ensure the development and spiritual evolution of your future generations?

One of the greatest gifts of life is that we were given the ability to correct our actions by improving our behavior. Life doesn’t leave you in the dark. When we become investigators for self-improvement we are given the answers we need to change our lives.

Everything is in the process of becoming. The process of becoming is constant change. Constant change is the foundation for evolution. It’s when we become stagnant and stubborn about what life wants to teach us that we experience difficulties. Change doesn’t always feel good. As a matter of fact, it can be quite debilitating. Have you ever noticed that when you are in the depths of your pain that you end up connecting to something divine? It could be a person, a song, a story, an animal, nature, etc. Whatever it is, the divinity within you recognizes the divinity within that thing and you have the option of making peace in your heart.

We’re under the impression that a person that connects with the divine is always at peace. We think the challenges just magically stop and they have no more problems in life and they’re living on cloud 9 all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every person, priestess, priest, healer, teacher, life coach, shaman, etc. regardless of their experiences with the spiritual dimensions, must continuously press forward to overcome obstacles that are self-created and from external sources. I have learned from talking to spiritual elders, priestesses, and priests of indigenous traditions that humanity has agreed with the divine world to improve their human behavior. In essence, what this means is that life will always present a situation that will test our character for the purpose of improving it. What this also means is that there is no end to what one can achieve and overcome. It’s a matter of perspective and drive and what you are destined to be.

Depending on what you have been spiritually exposed to in life, you may or may not know your human form holds within it sacred elements. These sacred elements come from a divine source. Your cells, organs, glands, tissue, and more are all an expression of these elements. The elements first form subtle bodies that hold the blueprint for your physical form. For example, the heart is made up of many dimensions, consisting of interdimensional forms that have a relationship with the Earth and other cosmic frequencies. Although the chakra is included, it is not limited to this because there are way more dimensional forms within the heart. Likewise, the rest of your body is connected to important gateways that lead to interdimensional forms. It is here within these spaces that you will find a build-up of lower emotions and experiences that have been causing a delay in your growth. This is mostly because we have lost the culture of our identity and what it means to be a vessel of expression for the Divine Feminine Principle that we have also inherited from our ancestral mothers.

We are continuing the powerful expressions that they have gathered throughout their lifetimes.

If you think of things from that mindset, it kind of makes you feel all warm inside, right? You think of what they had to overcome, the lessons they passed down to the younger generations, and their level of influence on the people around them. To know that our bodies are housing these things should be a constant reminder that we are divine and that our perception of ourselves must change to match these expressions. It all starts with healing.

Join me on the journey.



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